• 2018-19 Children and Youth Events


    Sunday 04/14/19-04/20/19

    Middle School Mission Trip ($600)*

    Join us for our Middle School Mission Trip. We will be heading to Philly to help serve others.

    Saturday 04/20/19, 8-10:30 AM

    Bagels and Bunnies (6th-12th grades)

    Our annual morning of hiding Easter Eggs (ok more like putting them all over the front lawn!) and having pictures taken with the Easter Bunny.  The youth serve bagels, hide the eggs, dress up as the *spoiler alert* Easter Bunny and help the neighborhood kids find the eggs.


    Saturday 5/18/19, 10:15 PM-Sunday 5/19/19, 11:30 AM

    ENKA Youth Overnight (6th-12th grades)

    Another night of locking the students in the church and playing games until everyone is too exhausted to stay awake any longer.  We will also spend the first part of the evening making sure that we are all set for Youth Sunday the next day!

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