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RENO GARDEN 4When a choice is made to use the garden for burial, a short prayer service called the Placement Ceremony is held. The cremated remains are poured directly into the ground. This ceremony may or may not take place in conjunction with a church memorial service.

The cremated remains become part of the soil, giving life to the garden’s trees and perennial plants. No container is used. The location of the burial site is not marked and therefore is known only to those present at the Placement Ceremony. Placement in the Reno Garden includes the inscription of the loved one’s name on the Memory Bench. It also includes an entry in the Memory Book.


How to Arrange a Placement

To arrange a Placement, contact the Church office to make arrangements for a Placement Ceremony. The modest fee covers the burial, the Placement Ceremony, an inscription on the Memory Bench, a dedication page in the Memory Book and a contribution to the Reno Garden Fund for the long-term care of the Garden.

Please refer to these documents for more information:

Future Placements can be pre-purchased at any time. The Garden Committee is happy to answer any questions and can be contacted through the church office. Take a tour of the garden or learn more about dedications.