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Environmental Stewardship Assessment

Environmental Stewardship Assessment

An Environmental Stewardship Assessment (ESA) was conducted in March of 2019 by Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light.  Their well-qualified representative, Tom Nutt-Powell, met with Bruce Alexander, Chair of the Facilities Ministry and Barry & Jessica McArdle, Environmental Ministry co-chairs, to conduct a complete review of its entire structure. The ESA provided a viable five-year plan for FCC (emphasizing cost efficiency and reduced carbon) based on a review of the church’s heating system and zones, followed by a comprehensive walk-through.

As Bruce Alexander later commented, FCC has long needed a complete overview of its entire structure – given maintenance issues, the high cost of heat & electrical power coupled with its configuration. On the basis of this consultation, we are confident that the ESA will help us make significant inroads towards addressing this. More so, it is our hope that FCCW, as a community of faith, will continue to move forward as witness and agent of ecological conservation for all of God’s creation.
Here in Massachusetts, Milton Congregational UCC is a recognized leader in reducing its carbon footprint. Its accomplishments rest in part through following the recommendations of an Environmental Stewardship Assessment conducted for their church campus.

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