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A Handful of Flour, A Heart Full of Gratitude”

In worship on Sunday, Rev. Will spoke of the essential generosity of our existence and, even though it may be a time of uncertainty, asked us to lean into the natural generosity and abundance of this world.

As we begin our annual Stewardship Campaign with the theme “A Handful of Flour, A Heart Full of Gratitude,” we are asked to bake a loaf of bread, and then offer that bread to someone. As you take this on, consider the many ways you are nourished by the church and how you help nourish the church yourself. There is such a strong connection between giving and receiving, nourishing and being nourished. God is all in these moments. 

A pledge, and a corresponding loaf of bread, are wonderful opportunities to give with gratitude. We invite you to support our church’s ministries and mission, and to nourish others in turn by making a pledge for what you can financially contribute in 2023. And for those of us who may be more than a little challenged to make that loaf of bread, Rev. Will assures us that God will meet us in the kitchen.

Please communicate your intention to give by Sunday Nov 13th.

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