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How are the ministries and mission of our church made possible?

God has blessed us individually and collectively with an abundance of gifts, and calls us to be a blessing to others. Unlike some other denominations, the ministries and mission of First Congregational Church are solely supported by the generosity, energy, and commitment of its members and friends—present and past. The more we give of ourselves, the more we are able to do together to make God’s love and justice real in the world.


How are our financial resources used to support our ministries and mission?

100% of the dollars we contribute through pledges and other gifts support the ministries and mission of First Congregational Church. Beyond the annual budget, members and friends also give generously to direct appeals at Easter, Christmas and other special events that support neighbors in need. By the grace and power of God, the goal of everything we do is to help people’s lives for the better—within and beyond our doors.


How does my gift make a difference?

Your faithful giving meets real spiritual and practical needs in the community and beyond. Through worship, prayer, mission, Christian education, outreach giving, and relationships, our church makes lives better.

Giving makes a difference in your life as well! Giving is a spiritual practice that connects us more deeply with the original cheerful Giver. Giving in proportion to our blessings provides us buoyancy in times of plenty and times of want. Living with a sense of abundance and gratitude improves the quality of our days and radiates good will toward others. And finally, participating in God’s work in the world as a community multiplies our gifts and sense of possibility.


How does the process work?

Each fall the Financial Resources Ministry of the church conducts a pledge campaign in order to understand the level of anticipated giving by the membership that will support the following year’s budget. Of course, it is not necessary to make a pledge in order to give to the church, and pledges are not binding in the event that individual financial circumstances change. However, pledging is a helpful planning tool for the coming year, both for you and for the church.


How can I make a gift?

Use Venmo!

  • What is Venmo?
Venmo is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal that allows users to transfer money to one another and businesses (including FCCW) using a free app that you download to your phone, or logging on via your computer. It’s sort of a digital wallet. Venmo includes an optional social networking interaction; it was created so friends could quickly split bills, whether it is for movies, dinner, rent, tickets, etc.
  • What are the fees?
The great news is that when you send money using your Venmo balance, bank account, debit card, or prepaid card, it’s free! If you pay by using a credit card, then there is a 3% fee. You can use Venmo to pay your pledge, pay for flowers, a mission trip, or contribute to any special collection. Just be sure to indicate what the money is for when you make your payment.
  • Can I still use PayPal instead?
Absolutely, However, PayPal deducts a 3% fee for each donation made to the church. Since Venmo is free, this means that 100% of your donation reaches the church.
  • How do I enroll?
You will need a mobile number to create a Venmo account. Search “Venmo” in the App store or go to from your computer. The instructions are easy to follow. Once you are set up, on the menu, click “search people” and look for First Congregational Church in Winchester.
  • Privacy Concerns? 
When you make a payment or donation, you can choose if you want it to be public, private, or just between you and your Venmo Friends. Our Default Payment is set to your Default Method.

Use Vanco EFT

Gifts may be given in a variety of ways. They may be given in the form of weekly offerings in the plate during the worship service. They can also be mailed to the church directly. Also, many families choose to give electronically as a “greener approach” to giving. Electronic giving provides convenience for the giver, consistency for the church, and reduction in the resources used to process paper checks. As you consider the payment method you use to make your regular offering, we hope that you will think about the unique connection between financial stewardship and environmental stewardship. Simply complete and return an Electronic Giving Authorization Form to the church office to get started.

Larger gifts may also be given in the form of bequests or memorial gifts. In addition, the church also maintains a wish list of special gift requests, such as helping to maintain our beautiful recently restored organ, updating Ripley Chapel, and upgrading our classroom equipment. Your help is greatly appreciated! Please contact the office at for more information.

Use PayPal

Write a Check

Simply make your check payable to The First Congregational Church in Winchester, and drop it in the offering plate on Sunday morning. You can also mail it to the church at 21 Church Street, Winchester MA 01890.

Charity EIN: 04-2104066

Thank you!

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