In the Christian Tradition of Healing

“Healing is an integral part of the gospel message itself… Christ came to heal us—spirit, mind, emotions, and body. To deny or minimize the healing aspect of his ministry is to take away the power of the… good news and turn it into merely good advice.”

Francis McNutt

Ripley Chapel Healing Circle

The Healing Circle is an invitation to pray what is on your heart in community. It is a contemplative healing practice designed for those experiencing anxiety, grief, illness or burden, and to connect deeply to the love, grace, and serenity that God offers us. 

This monthly prayer service is offered virtually as candles are lit in Ripley Chapel by our moderator. We welcome all who seek greater peace to join us.


Healing Scripture Study

Each program year, the Health Ministry Committee selects one healing scripture for its monthly Bible Study, opening our work to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and becoming the foundation for the Lenten Health Ministry Healing Service, held each spring during our regular worship time together.


Service of Light

Ring the bell that still can ring
Forget the perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen

Held on the Thursday before Christmas at 7:00 PM, the Service of Light is a way our church family remembers those who experience a loss of joy during the holiday season. The Service of Light was first held in 2001, a response to our collective mourning in the wake of 9/11. Since then, church members, neighbors and friends come for a given year or return yearly to find a still point in the midst of the seasonal rush or to remember. It may be a personal challenge, family grief or community tragedy that calls you forth to light a candle. Designed to move from darkness to hope, the music, readings and candle lighting in the warmth of community open us to God’s quiet presence. The service is open to the wider community, and rides are available upon request. 


Children create and still the sounds of a storm during the Healing Service

Health Ministry Worship & Healing Service

Sometimes the Lord rides out the storm with us
and other times He calms the restless sea around us.
Most of all, He calms the storm inside us
in our deepest inner soul.
—Lloyd John Ogilvie

Each year, the Health Ministry Committee selects a healing scripture for its monthly Bible study, opening our work to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and becoming the foundation for the Health Ministry Worship & Healing Service held during our regular Sunday worship time. The February 2020 worship scripture, Mark 4:35-41 and worship theme, Facing into the Storm, was expressed in jazz, word, gesture and meditation. 


2019 Gathering Program Leaders

Advent Women’s Gathering

We believe in the empowerment that fellowship, reflection and prayer bring to the Advent journey. The Advent Women’s Gathering is held the first Monday of Advent before the stresses of the season set in. It is hosted by the women of the church with music provided by the Sounds of Grace choir. Church women, their teenage daughters, and their neighbors and friends are invited to this time of fellowship. A collection of gifts are given to a local women’s shelter.


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