High School Ministries

Middle School Sunday ClassEaster 2016

6th-8th Grades
Sunday Mornings 10-11:15 AM

We begin Sunday mornings in the sanctuary to worship together as one church family. After the Time For The Young (a part of the service for younger children) we head to our classes. The Middle School grades meet as a large group to hear the lesson and then break up into two smaller groups for discussion over a snack. The class ends by 11:15, which is typically the same time the service ends. Students then head downstairs to coffee hour in Chidley Hall to meet their families.

This year’s curriculum is based off of Max Lucado’s book You were Made to Make a Difference, which ties scriptures into our day-to-day lives. The goal of the youth classes is to support students as they figure out who they are and what they believe in. We will learn about rites of passage and social justice, as well as the two Holy Sacraments of communion and baptism. We will also have some “off campus” service events out in the community.

High School Sunday Class

9th-12th Grades
Sunday Mornings 10-11:15 AM

Similar to the Middle School class, the High School students begin in the worship service with their families. We encourage students to participate in the service, by leading the Call to Worship, reading scripture, or assisting with the Time for the Young. After the Time for the Young, the students head downstairs to their class in the Forum Room.

The High School class uses the NOOMA Curriculum, a series of short films that explore our world from Jesus’ perspective. NOOMA offers a fresh and compelling look at his teachings, and is an invitation to search, question, challenge, and inspire. High school is a time to question everything—we hope you will join the conversation! For more detailed information, check out nooma.com.


Rite-13 is for young people ages 11-13 and focuses on celebrating the individuality of each person and their creative potential. When they turn 13, this is celebrated in our morning worship service. The Rite-13 liturgy (a celebration of manhood and womanhood) charges young people with the responsibility to wisely use the creative power emerging from within them at puberty.


9th-12th Grades
Sunday Evenings 7:30-9 PM

Join our High School students for a safe, parent-free time of games and discussions about life in all its forms. We start by reading a story that sets the topic for the night. Topics range anywhere from friends, family, college, and decision-making, to drugs, racism, and current news. After the story is read, we discuss questions which tie it to life and our spiritual journey. We wrap up the night with a song and a time of reflection and prayer around candles. As part of being a “Safe Church” two adults are always present.


Other youth activities

For a full listing of upcoming youth events, check out our Children & Youth Events page.

Youth Progressive Dinner
7th -12th grade

The teens celebrate Christmas, under the supervision of our Youth Minister and other adult volunteers by walking between several members’ homes to enjoy appetizers, dinner, and dessert. It is a fun bonding event that often involves trekking through snow to get to the food!

Youth Ski Trip
7th-12th grade
Each January students, adult chaperones and our Youth Minister, enjoy a weekend of skiing, prayer, fun, and reflection. For many this is the highlight of the year! Students become eligible for the trip by earning “ski points” by volunteering at church events.


Youth Overnight
7th-12th grade
Toward the end of the school year, church youth spend the night in the church just before leading worship on Youth Sunday.


All Youth Sunday
Kindergarten -12th grade
Each Spring, our children and youth design, and lead a worship service as a way to deepen their faith and their understanding of the church.

Youth Mission TripPhilly-MissionTrip-crop
9th-12th grade
Each year, usually during February or April school break, our High School students travel to a domestic or international site for service projects and to learn about the world, ourselves, and how we can use our gifts to help others. A recent mission trip involved helping with house projects in Germantown, a economically-disadvantaged area of Philadelphia.

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