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Planned Giving

What is a Planned Gift?

Planned gifts are donations of cash, stocks or other assets pledged during a donor’s lifetime and realized by beneficiaries after the donor’s death. There are a number of ways to make a planned gift, each with its own advantages, requirements, outcomes and benefits. No matter the form it takes, planned giving is an expression of one’s values as well as a commitment to good stewardship—and to those people and organizations we love and cherish.


Planned gifts come in different packages

A gift made through will or trust to individual, church or charitable organization

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Gift
Donors may instruct their IRA provider to direct up to $100K from their IRA to a charitable beneficiary, depending on donor’s age. This satisfies donor’s required minimum distribution without counting toward taxable income. An IRA gift cannot fund a Life Income contract, such as CGA.

Appreciated Securities
A donation of securities such as stock, bond or mutual fund shares, in which the donor receives charitable deduction at full, fair market value and capital gains tax reduction.

Other Deferred Assets
Donor leaves outright gift of insurance benefits, IRA funds, real estate or appreciated assets by naming the church as the beneficiary and the church receives money at the time of death.


Ready to make your planned gift?

We are happy to help. To get started, simply contact the church office, the Treasurer, or a member of the Financial Resource Ministry for more information. You may also consider completing this helpful Estate Planning Record, provided by the United Church of Christ.

We strongly recommend that you speak to your legal and financial advisors to decide which kind of planned gift is right for you, and to ensure that your income, tax and philanthropic objectives are met. We look forward to helping you once you are ready to make your Planned Gift and create your lasting legacy.