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Spiritual Practices

At First Congregational Church in Winchester we offer a variety of opportunities for spiritual practice that are rooted in a variety of ancient and contemporary Christian spiritual practices that open people to God’s presence, strengthen their capacity for mercy and compassion, and transform their lives to better serve God’s purposes.


Scripture Study/Lectio Divina

This is the centerpiece of spiritual practice in the Protestant Christian tradition and we regularly gather for the purpose of studying our scriptures. We do this in both traditional Bible Study style or in the ancient practice of Lectio Divina, (Latin for “Divine Reading”) a contemplative approach consisting of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer.


Centering Prayer

A meditation practice rooted in the Christian tradition. Workshops and weekly Centering Prayer groups gather to offer ourselves to God in singleness of heart and clarity of mind.


IMG_1858Labyrinth Walking

The Reno Garden, overlooking Wedge Pond at the end of our Vine St parking lot, is a beautiful spot for resting in God’s presence, for meditating, and for walking the Labyrinth. Come and see how walking the Labyrinth settles the spirit, opens the mind, and richly symbolizes the spiritual journey.


Devotional Readings

We provide daily devotional reading for special seasons of the church year in a effort to help people connect the scriptures and the faith to their every day lives.



In regular worship, special services, as well as other settings around the church community, we engage in the spiritual practice of singing praise songs to God and in chanting melodies that come from Taize, Iona, and other sources.


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