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Living and Sustaining Ministries

New Participants are welcome at any time – contact the chair, an officer or a member of any group to join!

Ministry Team, Staff and Affiliates (listed alphabetically)

  • Ed Banzy, Building Manager
  • Anne Bianchini, Nursery Supervisor
  • Rev. Will Burhans, Lead Pastor
  • Luis Fonseca, Building Custodian
  • Jane Ring Frank, Minister of Music and Worship Arts
  • Rev. Maeve Hammond, Associate Pastor
  • Maggie Keeler,  Minister of Children & Families
  • Bill Lewis, Building Superintendent
  • Michele Mafera, Nursery Supervisor
  • Sarah Marino, Office Administrator
  • Jeffrey Mead, Organist

Leadership Team 2023-2024

  • Will Burhans (Lead Pastor)
  • Dina Pradel (Moderator)
  • Patricia Brady (Clerk)
  • Mike Bailey
  • Ben Keeler
  • David Page
  • Laurie Roby
  • Jennifer Splaine
  • Joani Valeriano

Additional Ministry Team as Needed

  • Jane Ring Frank
  • Maeve Hammond
  • Maggie Keeler

Officers, Volunteers and Delegates

  • Leslie French, Librarian
  • Anne Hoenicke, Membership Registrar & Archivist; Associate Treasurer
  • Nancy Kneiss, Communications Designer
  • Janet Hall, Treasurer
  • Dina Pradel, Moderator
  • Carrie Ehrbar, Clerk
  • Bill McCarter, Historian
  • Rebecca Beltz, Auditor
  • Ted Lamson, Auditor
  • Ted Martin, Auditor
Delegates to the Metropolitan Boston Association (MBA):
  • Lisa Loughlin
  • Laurie Roby

Sustaining Ministries 

Children & Youth Faith Formation Ministry

This ministry group helps to set direction and guide & support the faith development of children, youth and families in collaboration with the Children’s Program Director and the Pastoral Resident. The programs offered are meant to support and guide the children, youth and families toward developing a personal relationship with God in both large group and smaller relational environments; provide opportunities to nurture and grow in their faith; create an atmosphere of community and inclusion; and show Jesus’ love through modeling.

  • Kate Carpini
  • Shannon Gibson
  • Maeve Hammond, Pastoral Resident
  • Maggie Keeler, Children’s Program Director
  • Tomye Little
  • Tim Malcolm
  • Kris Montgomery
  • Michelle Stewart, Co-Chair
Stepping Stones Teachers
  • Nancy Goodwin
  • Phoebe Goodwin
  • Kristen Herlihy
  • Carolyn Plosky
  • Michelle Stewart
Middle School: Junior Forum
  • Maeve Hammond, Pastoral Resident
  • Maggie Keeler, Children’s Program Director
  • Eve Moura
  • Michelle Stewart
Confirmation (every two years)
  • Will Burhans, Lead Pastor
  • Maeve Hammond, Pastoral Resident
Forum Leaders
  • Karen Bellacosa
  • Betsy Goodell
  • Maeve Hammond, Pastoral Resident
  • Andy McKinley
  • Eileen Morris


Adult Faith Exploration

Helps you grow in faith no matter where you are on your life’s journey; welcomes all with joy and offers programs that help you begin or expand your faith journey; aims to enhance the educational and spiritual life of adults in our congregation and community.

  • Rev. Will Burhans
  • Elizabeth Page
  • Liz Sayre


Assist with the sacraments, rites of worship, and practices of the Christian Church (both ancient and new) and help congregants better understand the value, purpose, and richness of rituals and spiritual practices. They greet and welcome all with joy, support weekly and special worship services, care for the poor and needy, and assist in serving communion.

  • Will Burhans, Lead Pastor

First year: Rich Crawford, Julia Daggett, Robin Delurey
Second year: Carol Andrus, Petra Sansom, and Branda Wilhoite
Third year: Kate Carpini (Head Deacon), Andy Gallop, and Tony McPherson

  • Life Deacon Liaison: Marcie Troisi


Deacons Booklet


Oversees all matters of care and maintenance of the physical building – items that are visible to the eye such as the beautiful sanctuary, welcoming lobby, and comforting family room and the not so glamorous behind the scenes workings of the plumbing, heating, electricity, grounds keeping, roofing, etc.

  • Paul Andrus
  • Ed Banzy, Ex-officio, Building Manager
  • Will Burhans, Ex-officio, Lead Pastor
  • Joe Carter
  • Ted Lamson
  • Bill Lewis, Ex-officio, Building Superintendent
  • Peter Woolford

Facilities Repair/Clean Up Form

Financial Resources

Develops policies and programs to enhance the financial well-being of the church; leads the annual stewardship effort, planned giving and capital campaigns; oversees the Church’s endowment; cooperates with Treasurer, ministerial staff, and commission chairs to develop and secure congregational approval for annual operating budget.

  • Will Burhans, Ex-officio, Lead Pastor
  • Janet Hall, Ex-officio, Treasurer
  • Anne Hoenicke, Ex-officio, Associate Treasurer
  • Ben Keeler
  • Jennifer Murtie
  • Penny Sparrow
  • Taylor Tresselt, Chair
  • Ed Valeriano
  • John Wilson

Health & Wellness

Encourages all to live the connection between faith and wellness, connecting mind, body and spirit in ministry to oneself and others; incorporates the Christian traditions of healing in contemplative monthly healing circles along with Advent and Lenten services, informs about emerging strides in health sciences, and ministers to families and members across their entire life span through fellowship, service and visiting.

  • Pam Budner
  • Regina Campbell, Chair
  • Rev. Maeve Hammond, Associate Pastor
  • Marianne Iacuzzio
  • John Keeley
  • Leigh Kelliher
  • Margaret McIndoe
  • Eileen Morris
  • Susan Sawyer

Mission and Outreach

Identifies opportunities for members of the church to serve the world, community and church through hands-on service, collections, and information and advocacy events; oversees the church’s mission giving; focuses on alleviating hunger, combating homelessness, and helping women, teens, and children at risk.

  • Laura Bailey-Outreach Treasurer
  • Sarah Girotti
  • Betsy Goodell-Chair
  • Rev. Maeve Hammond
  • Larissa Lindsay
  • Virginia Seay

Outdoor Church

  • Lisa Loughlin, Coordinator

Dwelling Place

  • Jonathan Goodell
  • Kristen Herlihy
  • Michelle Stewart

Habitat for Humanity

  • Andrew Beltz

Immigrant Support Alliance (Formerly RIM)

  • Bruce Alexander
  • Linda Alexander

Music and Worship Arts

Supports the ministry team in exploring and experimenting with new and/or various forms of worship within the context of our traditions, and provides choral and instrumental music.


Jane Ring Frank, Minister of Music & Worship Arts

  • Jessica Brand
  • Suzy Kahl
  • Pamela McPherson
  • Susan K. Navien
  • Elisabeth Sayre
  • Penny Sparrow
  • Marcie Troisi
  • Cindy Wankowicz
  • Carol Weir
  • Linda Alexander
  • Becca Beltz
  • Mern Ebinger (guest)
  • Kellee Fiske
  • Nancy Kneiss
  • Karen Lauterwasser
  • Elizabeth Page
  • Lynne Rahmeier
  • Lucy Sanders
  • Susan Sawyer
  • Peter Owens
  • Dwight Porter (guest)
  • Peter Rosenberger
  • Robert Skinner
  • Bruce Alexander
  • Jonathan Goodell
  • Steven Lauterwasser (guest)
  • Andy McKinley
  • Cam McPherson
  • Tony McPherson
  • Jerry Vaughn
Carilloneers (Bell Choir):

Jeffrey Mead, Director

  • Bruce Alexander
  • Kate Alexander
  • Beth Bernhardt
  • Karen Lauterwasser
  • Jacinda McMeel (guest)
  • Margaret McIndoe
  • Cam McPherson
  • Tony McPherson
  • Becky Miranda
  • Tom Spaulding
  • Cindy Wankowicz


Oversees all matters of personnel policy working to provide a fair, equitable and nurturing environment where all ministers and employees can develop to their full potential.

  • Andrew Beltz
  • Will Burhans, Ex-Officio, Lead Pastor
  • Christian Ehrbar
  • John Keeley
  • Aaron Kneiss
  • Susan Rozmanith, Chair

Reno Garden

Tends to the Reno Garden plants and garden features such as the labyrinth, remembrance walk, benches and fountain; maintains placement records, fund raises for garden maintenance and manages the garden restricted spending fund.

  • Pam Budner, Chair
  • Elizabeth Cooper
  • Robin Delurey
  • Lynne Rahmeier

Living Ministries

We have many Living Ministries; a few of them are included below.

Coffee Hour

  • Robin Delurey, Coordinator


Works to connect with the community through a variety of communications media including our website, print newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Nextdoor App, flyers, and front lawn banners; Communicates with the congregation through weekly emails, bulletin boards, and the lobby monitor.

  • Will Burhans
  • Nancy Kneiss
  • Sarah Marino
  • Jane Ring Frank
  • Liz Sayre

Decarbonization Taskforce

  • Bruce Alexander
  • Anne Hoenicke
  • Barry McArdle
  • Jessica McArdle
  • Penny Sparrow

Environmental Ministry

Summoning the church to be courageous in the face of global warming’s existential threat to current and future generations, the mission of Environmental Ministry is to equip and join with God’s people in boldly witnessing to this injustice, while taking decisive action as people of faith. We are called: to address the devastating impact of unrestrained economic growth, the denial of scientific research and evidence, the centuries-old devaluation of our natural world (other than humans) and the dismissal of the most vulnerable to climatic changes – including indigenous peoples, people of color and the poor. Collectively and as moral agents, we will work with the Town of Winchester in becoming carbon neutral and promoting environmental stewardship – within our building, the places we live and the world beyond.

A declaration in response to FCC’s Strategic Vision, presented at the May 2019 Annual Meeting

  • Bruce Alexander
  • Linda Alexander
  • Karen Bellacosa
  • Barry McArdle, co-chair
  • Jessica McArdle, co-chair

Habitat for Humanity

  • Andrew Beltz, Coordinator

Men’s Group: Wednesday AM Coffee

  • Peter Rosenberger, Coordinator

Men’s Group: Sunday Evening Monthly

  • Chris Noble

Ripley Programming Group

  • Will Burhans
  • Jane Ring Frank
  • Rob Skinner
  • Christine Tresselt
  • Cindy Wankowicz

Ruth Group

Open to all women of the church and community, we meet in someone’s home to discuss a recent book. New participants are always welcome and all are welcome whether or not they have read the book!

  • Lynne Rahmeier, Co-Coordinator
  • Susan Sawyer, Co-Coordinator