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    “Let’s Talk About Faith,” Series, a 3-part program

    Session 3: Sunday, November 6, 11:30 AM-1 PM, Palmer Room

    The third and final “Let’s Talk About Faith” session will take place after church on Sunday, November 6. Our discussion question will be, “What do you do with faith? “ (aka “So now what?”)

    In our first two October sessions, we asked ourselves, “What is faith?” and “How do you form or develop faith?” We discussed not only faith as a powerful force in our lives that may come in many forms and from many sources, but also its frequent companion for many of us: doubt. In small groups, many of us shared stories, experiences, and insights we have had in the course of our faith journeys.

    In this last meeting, we will be asking what we are supposed to do with our faith if we have formed or developed or received or been granted it. How do I practice my faith and ‘live into it’ in my everyday life? How do I act on my faith—personally, locally, regionally, globally? Whether I’ve just started a ‘faith journey’ or have been on one for a long time, where does it or should it take me? Where has it taken others?

    We hope you will join us to explore this question, wherever you are on your own ‘journey’. A light lunch will be served, and childcare will be available.

    All are welcome—no need to sign up, just come! Our group will be enriched by your presence.

    Offered by the Adult Faith Exploration Ministry: Judy Arnold, Sarah Gallop, Anne Hoenicke, Jack Howland, Andy McKinley, Karen Roberts, Laurie Roby