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  • Bone Marrow Drive on May 6th at the Winchester Town Hall

    WHS Senior Focus Class is running a bone marrow drive on May 6th at the Winchester Town Hall, 71 Mount Vernon Street, from 9AM-1PM. The Senior Focus class started this program six years ago, in an effort to help individuals in need of a bone marrow transplant. Every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer. That’s 480 people each day, or 20 each hour. Around 70% of patients needing a transplant do not have a donor in their family.

    The process to get entered into the database is very simple, it only involves a quick cheek swab. Our goal is to get at least 200 hundred people to donate. In order to donate, you need to be between 18 and 44 years old, and bring your insurance card to Town Hall on the day of the drive.

    Everyone that joins the database has the potential to be someone’s match and save a life! We will have free food, including dessert and breakfast, at the drive! Bring a friend and come swab with us!

    Seniors, start your senior week off right by giving back!

    If you are chosen as a match for someone and asked to donate, there are two possible procedures. The most common, a PBSC donation, is a nonsurgical procedure which removes blood and replaces it. The second, a bone marrow donation, is a surgical outpatient procedure and a patient will go under anesthesia.

    For more information and personal stories visit the Be The Match website:


    For a video showing what a PBSC donation looks like watch this video:


    Please share these links and spread the news! Thanks in advance for helping us meet our donor goal and for giving back!

    Questions or concerns please contact-
    Olivia Calnan or Olivia Freeman