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  • Can FCCW Become an Energy as well as Spiritual Powerhouse?

    First Parish, Concord, MA


    The Green Congregation Taskforce

    For the past months, representatives from Facilities as well as the Green Congregation Taskforce, have been researching and discussing the benefits of equipping FCC with solar panels to generate its own electrical power. Aside from significantly reducing the high cost of electrical usage, a solar generation capability would show that FCCW is a congregation and faith community dedicated to safeguarding God’s beloved creation.    

    Unitarian Universalist Church, Melrose, MA

    The benefits of using solar power are not to be underestimated. First, it is a carbon free source of energy generation – brilliantly brought about through the use of technology. Second, the use of solar power can dramatically reduce electrical costs and dependency on utilities. Most importantly, by seeking to become “carbon neutral”* through the use of solar power – we witness to our surrounding town and communities that FCCW is a church who actively cares for our environment and world.

    *Becoming carbon neutral means zero carbon pollution or removing as much carbon from the environment as you release. 

    First Parish, Concord, MA
    South Church in Andover, MA