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  • Epiphany Celebration

    Epiphany is the traditional celebration of the arrival of the Wise Men at the manger of the Christ Child, 12 days after Christmas. Remind you of anything? Keeping Covid in mind, we will NOT be having a potluck supper.


    We WILL be gathering with masks and flashlights; we will meet King Herod who will identify the Wise Ones by a special symbol hidden in the treats he offers. Once identified, the Wise Ones will lead us in the search for the Christ Child – following stars throughout a darkened church to find the Star of Bethlehem and the manger where the Christ Child lays. At the manger, the Wise Ones will lead us in song and prayer. Everyone will depart before King Herod finds us and can hurt the Christ Child.


    Epiphany is the heart of our Christmas celebration – seeking Christ after presents have been opened and feasts shared. We begin at 5:00 p.m. and will end no later than 6:00 p.m.  Want to join in this ancient celebration? Sign up here. Rev. Judy will be overseeing this event – call, text or email with questions. 781-820-2410 – jarnoldfccw@verizon.net