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  • Music News—An Invitation!

    Ayear0831pc (1)“Joy, sorrow, tears, lamentation, laughter—to all these music gives voice, but in such a way that we are transported from the world of unrest to a world of peace, and see reality in a new way, as if we were sitting by a mountain lake and contemplating hills and woods and clouds in the tranquil and fathomless water.”

    Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)

    Life’s a twinkling that’s for certain,
    But it’s such a fine thing
    There’s a gathering of spirits
    There’s a festival of friends
    And we’ll take up where we left off
    When we all meet again.

    —from “The Gathering of Spirits” by Carried Newcomer

    It is hard to believe that the summer is drawing to a close. I am very excited to begin my fourteenth year at the church (it is hard to believe!), and I look forward to another year of collaboration with the choir, Carilloneers, children, ministerial team and congregation of this thriving community.

    We have had a rich summer of music at the church, and I want to thank all of the volunteers who have collaborated with Todd Gordon, our summer staff musician. So many of you generously share your time and talents, and it is a true gift. Thank you.

    I would like to invite ANYONE who is interested in joining the Senior Choir (middle schoolers and up) to give us a try! The choir is a diverse group of people, characterized by commitment, joy, faith, caring for one another and, of course, a love of music (plus, the choir is really funny). There is a place for everyone. If you have never sung in a choir before (or don’t believe that it is possible!), please feel free to walk into a very welcoming room! Or if you have sung with the choir in the past, and would like to join us once again, we would love to see you.

    We have many opportunities for children and adults alike:  Children’s Choir, opportunities for Youth, handbells, and more! We have a great deal of new music, standard repertoire, gospel, jazz and old favorites ready to go.

    The Carilloneers continue to ring with joy and abandon and I am pleased to work with the group again this coming year. If you are interested in ringing the gleaming handbells, feel free to contact me. We meet on Monday evenings, and our schedule is fluid and accommodating!

    Senior Choir Rehearsals begin on Thursday evening, September 8, 2016, 7:30 PM in the Tucker Room. There are a few surprises in store! If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either by e-mail or by telephone: (857) 919-0983. Remember, you can also leave a message for me at the church.

    I can’t wait to see you all and wish you blessings as we re-gather in God’s name for another exciting church year.

    —Jane Ring Frank, Minister of Music and Worship Arts