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  • Stewardship Drive 2020: Planted in Love, Built on Love


    Good afternoon, and welcome to Stewardship Season!

    If you were able to see yesterday’s worship service, you know that our stewardship theme this year is “rooted in love, built on love.” As we watch the trees show off their color, leaves flying through the October breezes, it is good for us all to think of deep roots — those of the lovely trees around us, of our church community, and of our faith… and our role as tender or “steward” of these vital, growing gifts in our lives.


    We now invite you to watch the premiere of our first ever Stewardship Video! In it, you will hear Rev. Will share some thoughts on this unique time in our church life, hear reflections from fellow members on the many ways in which our church is “rooted in love, built on love” and even catch some wonderful aerial views of our beautiful church and town!



    Then, please, consider what more you need to know to make your financial commitment to the church, as you can, for the year ahead. Lots of resources are available to you. Please visit here, or reach out to any member of the Financial Resources Ministry listed below. If you’re ready now, you can communicate your pledge here.


    You, we, all of our members are, together, “love sweet love”!


    Financial Resource Ministry
    Tom Roche, Chair
    Taylor Tresselt
    Jennifer Wilson
    Ben Keeler
    Doug Clark
    David Peretti
    Lisa Loughlin
    Jonathan Goodell