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  • 2017 Church Pledge Drive is Coming!

    Stewardship Sunday is October 23 steward_14520c

    We are all “stewards” of our church, meaning that the church is God’s, and we are to be faithful caretakers of the facility, the community and its mission. We become faithful stewards of the church by attending and participating; sharing our talents and energy; and offering financial support.

    Q. What is a pledge?

    Each year, we are all asked to make a thoughtful, prayerful and intentional commitment to financially support the mission and ministry of our church. By pledging ahead of time to the amount that you plan to give for the coming year, you enable the church to set a budget for the year and plan for how best to live out our mission.

    Q. How is pledging a practice of faith?

    Generosity—the giving of ourselves to others—is a key Christian spiritual discipline that reflects God’s generosity of love shown through Jesus. Also, placing the church in your household budgeting process for the coming year (along with other charitable giving) ensures that your life of faith is a priority in your life.

    Q. Do only those who have “officially” joined the church as members pledge?

    No. Our church needs the support of all its community, whether “official” members or not. All who participate in the life of the church are welcomed and encouraged to pledge.

    Q. What if I haven’t pledged before, and how much do I give?

    Your participation is most welcome, and all who participate in and are served by the church are grateful for your gift! Any amount pledged is appreciated. Our stewardship campaign materials will provide some information about how to approach and decide the amount of your pledge.

    Q. Does my pledge really make a difference?

    Absolutely. It often comes as a surprise when people learn that First Congregational Church in Winchester relies almost entirely on the annual pledging that members of our faith community provide.

    Q. Can’t I practice stewardship without pledging—by just putting money in the plate during the Sunday offering?

    Yes. We encourage you to give however you can, but know that the pledges we receive in the fall for the year to come are very helpful for our future planning.

    Q. What if I have other questions about pledging and how my contribution will be used by the church?

    There’s lots more information about this pledge drive heading your way! The Financial Resources Commission is busy preparing materials that will give you the mechanics of how to pledge, a “narrative budget” explaining how our Church’s dollars are spent, and more detail on when, why and how to pledge. Also our ministers Rev. Will and Rev. Judy as well as our Stewardship Chair Tom Roche would be happy to have a personal conversation with you.

    Please watch for a mailing coming soon in October. Our campaign kick-off is Stewardship Sunday, October 23, and pledges should be received by Pledge Sunday, November 13.