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  • 2018 Budget Passed

    The Leadership Team would like to thank the congregation for passing the 2018 budget on Sunday, and for bringing such insightful questions to the Budget Q&A the previous week. The budget process was a thoughtful, thorough one that involved the efforts of many people: Each ministry provided a “bottoms-up” budget that would adequately support their planned programs; Anne Hoenicke, whose historical knowledge and data-wrangling skills brought perspective to the process; and Dick Sayre, who worked with the Leadership Team to reflect our assumptions and considerations in a long-term financial model that gave us the confidence to understand potential ramifications of the proposed budget years down the line. Most importantly, we all owe thanks to our treasurer Bruce Lauterwasser, who worked tirelessly to develop, amend and present a realistic, forward-thinking budget to the congregation.

    We believe the budget passed reflects the hope and vitality in the church as we grow our numbers, programs and reach into the broader community, while helping us be responsible stewards of our beautiful, aging building. If you have any questions or concerns about the process or the budget, please don’t hesitate to ask one of us.

    —The Leadership Team: Rev. Will, Rev. Judy, Patricia Kuchma Brady, Deidre Giblin, Dina Pradel, Dick Sayre, Penny Sparrow, Taylor Tresselt, Peter Woolford, Margaret McIndoe, Jane Ring Frank, Ben Pulaski, Kathleen Zagata