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  • 2020 Pledge Campaign: Thank you, and keep “abounding”!

    Our Stewardship campaign officially closed this past Sunday, and the abounding faith and love of the congregation is palpable as pledges are being returned. See our outstanding progress toward our goals so far:

    As of November 20, pledges total $385,596 – 62% of our $615,000 target. This represents 67 pledgers, which is almost halfway to our participation goal of 140. We will keep you posted as these numbers rise!

    If you have not yet had the chance to share your pledge – whether a renewal, an increase, or a first-time pledge – we invite you to do so now! You can mail your completed pledge card to the church in care of the Treasurer, Bruce Lauterwasser, or send an email with your confidential pledge amount to brucelauterwasser@gmail.com. You can also put your pledge card in the offering plate on Sunday. We will be following up in the next several weeks to wrap up the campaign before year end.

    If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Financial Resources Ministry, Rev. Will or Rev. Judy, or Bruce Lauterwasser, Treasurer.

    Thank you for your generous annual giving and participation!

    Yours faithfully,
    The Financial Resources Ministry

    Financial Resources Ministry

    Tom Roche, Chair tom.roche8@gmail.com203-249-6458
    Doug Clarke dclarke@riemerlaw.com781-729-3612
    Ben Keelerbkeeler22@yahoo.com 781-777-2278
    Lisa Loughlin lisa3abp@aol.com781-346-1241
    David Peretti perettidm@gmail.com617-538-7966
    Kate Sandakkatesandak@gmail.com 413-348-5844;
    Taylor Tresselt taylortress@gmail.com 617-538-1755
    Jennifer Wilson jsamswils@aol.com