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  • 2020 Pledge Goal: Dec. 1 Update

    Advent begins and FCCW is now over 75% toward its 2020 Pledge Goal!

    The FCCW Financial Resources Ministry is hoping that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and we’re very excited about the start of Advent.  It is the time of year when many reflect on the special things that we are thankful for…family, health, good friendships, or simply a warm meal.  With thankfulness on our minds, we wish  to express our gratitude for the generosity that many in our congregation have shown to our 2020 stewardship drive. As of Sunday, December 1, 2019 we have received 84 pledges totaling just over $474,000 (ie. 77% of our $615,000 goal!)

    As we look to finalize the church’s 2020 budget in the coming weeks, the importance of your pledge can not be understated. It helps build the foundation for next year’s budget and planning of our church’s ministry and outreach activities. Knowing that we had over 130 supporters pledge in 2018, we are now focused on following up with both past and new supporters in order to reach our goal of 140 pledges. If you have forgotten to respond for some reason  – whether it be a renewal, increase, or a first –time pledge – we invite you to do so now.  You can mail your completed pledge card to the church in care of the Treasurer – Bruce Lauterwasser – or simply send an email with your confidential pledge amount to brucelauterwasser@gmail.com

    The ministry programs and outreach of our church would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters.  The strong affirmation that was shown during last year’s pledge drive gives us confidence that we can again achieve our goal this year but we know it will take everyone’s involvement. If you haven’t yet responded, please help us out by sending  a pledge card or email today.  Our goal is to follow up with all past supporters in the next 10 days.

    If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Financial Resources Ministry, Rev. Will Judy, or Bruce Lauterwasser, Treasurer. 

    Yours faithfully,

    —The Financial Resources Ministry

    Tom Roche, Chair  203-249-6458; Doug Clarke 781-729-3612; Ben Keeler 781-777-2278; Lisa Loughlin  781-346-1241; David Peretti 617-538-7966; Kate Sandak 413-348-5844; Taylor Tresselt 617-538-1755; Jennifer Wilson 781-729-5268