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  • 2021 Winter Needs of RIM Metro North Cluster Clients

    As we think about service to others this January, please consider helping these clients of the Refugee Immigration Ministry who are in the process of seeking asylum.


    M + 4 (Single mom M and 4 children) from Africa:

    • Prepare (or buy) and deliver a meal for 5 (mom and 4 children) for Saturday night in March or April. M says they like all meals except macaroni and cheese. M got work authorization and works for an elder care agency, usually 12-hour days. Having a meal already prepared for the family is a great help for her and the kids.
    • Ride for S (oldest child) from Melrose to Northeast Vocational School, Wakefield, and back on Saturday mornings in February and March. S needs to arrive at 7:45 AM at Northeast Vocational. Pick up at noon.
      S is a senior in high school and is thinking about career choices. He is attending a 12-week program at Northeast Vocational School that is a “hands on” exploratory program for different trades. He is very excited about this opportunity.

    C (single woman from Africa): Needs a blender (Ninja brand was mentioned) to help her grind spices for cooking. C got work authorization and works as a home health aide. She recently rented an apartment to share with a roommate and has most items for it except for a blender.


    RIM has 12 people/families on the waiting list. Almost all are primarily seeking stable and safe housing. Most of these potential clients are individuals and three are families. The Metro North Cluster could take on another client if we had a housing resource to turn to. One of the neediest is a family of four (mom & dad, 2 children, youngest of which was just born last month). If you have any ideas about a source of housing at very modest cost, please contact us.


    Contact Linda Alexander or Bruce Alexander with your questions and your help ideas.