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    FirstVisit3The Facilities Ministry is looking to recruit “a few good men/women!”  Here’s a great opportunity for you if you care about the buildings and grounds we all depend on to support the multitude of activities going on in our church and as an attractive major presence in the center of town. The Facilities Ministry, with the active support of our sextons, volunteers, and contractors, holds this major ongoing management responsibility. We are fortunate to have both a significant maintenance budget and dedicated endowment funding, but thoughtful management is required. Our Ministry meets monthly to decide on needs and priorities, but often supervisory tasks are handled by members independently. We are very fortunate currently to have several members of Facilities who have been involved for many years, but we would welcome fresh interest and ideas. The facilities are large and have many kinds of needs. Perhaps you have an area of special interest or are simply interested in getting involved in the broader building and grounds concerns. We would welcome you and your questions as you consider this important commitment. Please contact any one of us to let us know of your interest.

    Bruce Alexander, Tom Church, John Crabtree, Steve Cole, Deb DePeter, John Fiske, Rick Forzese