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  • Carbon Lenten Fast 2021

    Taking Part in Fasting from Carbon during the Season of Lent

    Environmental Justice

    What is it?  A “Carbon Fast” is a way for individuals and communities to engage in a conscientious and earth-honoring spiritual practice. It was originally developed by the Church of England in 2008. Since then it has been adopted by congregations of many different denominations around the world as a spiritual practice to turn away from actions that release climate-disrupting carbon into the atmosphere.*


    Why engage in a “Carbon Fast?” For decades, scientists and societal leaders have called us to return to a more sustainable way of life that fosters an equitable and balanced distribution of resources across human communities and greater respect for creation. For hundreds of years, churches around the world have called people to return to God and prepare for Easter by engaging in the practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving during a 40 day season called Lent.*


    Take Part in Fasting through an Easy to Use Guide – Climate Caretakers, a Christian-based organization, has compiled six themes following the six weeks of Lent. Each theme suggests simple, thoroughly do-able activities that are applicable for families, couples, empty-nesters, and single folk.  Links are embedded and are timely and excellent.  What’s more, you can choose to either peruse the items listed under each of the week’s themes on your own OR you can subscribe and have the resources emailed to you.


    Up to Taking Part? Here is the Link to Get Started https://climatecaretakers.org/lenten-carbon-fast


    *From Eco-Faith Recovery