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  • Children & Youth Faith Formation News January 9, 2020

    Stepping Stones


    This week in our classes, the kids will be hearing about two people who met baby Jesus at the temple. Simeon and Anna (Luke 2:22-40). They had been waiting a long time to meet Jesus. The focus for the lesson is that sometimes wonderful things happen to those who wait.  Take some time next week asking your children these questions:

    • What kind of things have you had to wait for?
    • Do you think it is important to learn how to wait for wonderful things? Why or why not?


    Here is an activity that you can do this week at home as a whole family.  There will be place-mat sized sheets of paper down in coffee hour for you to take home with you (and crayons if you need some): Make place-mats for your table that have drawings or lists of your hopes and expectations for the world in the next 10 or 100 or 1000 years. What will life be like? What might be possible years down the road? What wonderful things might God be doing then?


    Middle School

    This lesson comes from Matthew 15:21-28 and it helps students recognize themselves in the story of the Canaanite woman and her persistent faith. Despite being one of the least in New Testament society by Jewish standards (a Canaanite woman), Jesus responded to her petitions of faith. Whether we feel like we measure up to today’s cultural standards or not, Jesus always welcomes us into his saving love when we reach out in faith. Be sure to ask your Middle School Student: What makes them feel like they belong in your family? With friends? At youth group? At school?


    We are still looking for a few adults who love Middle School Students to join our teaching team.  If you have any interest or know someone who might, please let one of the current teachers know or email ben.pulaski@gmail.com.


    Just as an FYI, we will not have class on January 26th. Is this sentence part of the middle school notice?or does it apply to all CYFF classes?  


    Jesus Blesses the ChildrenForum

    This lesson comes from Matthew 19:13-15 & Mark 9:33-37 and  is designed to help students examine their own hearts to discover how open they are to welcoming and valuing (with their time, energy, and attention) those who others would consider to be the “least” in their world. They’ll do this by reading two passages where Jesus either welcomes children (the least) or uses them as an example of those after whom we should be modeling our faith. Students will have conversations around the idea of what it looks like to value everyone around them, including those the world tells them are the “least.”


    Youth Outdoor Church

    In case you didn’t know, the youth have been doing the Outdoor Church every month on the second Saturday.  Please pray for them this Saturday as the hit up the streets again.


    Confirmation Class

    This week is our next Confirmation Class. We will be learning all about the roots of the United Church of Christ. One of the things we will be learning about is how we can take the joy in knowing that we were the first denomination to ordain the first African American minister, the first female minister and the first openly gay minister, truly making us open and affirming.


    Midterm Breakfast-Middle School and High School


    The week of January 21st, the high school students will be taking their midterms.  As a way to make sure that they are well fueled, the youth leaders will be making and serving them breakfast on January 22nd starting at 7 am.  Any high school or middle school student is welcome to join us. Come by for 10 mins or the whole time. We will also have quiet space available for anyone who wants to cram, I mean study, a little more at the last minute.