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    I am sure that most of our congregation have seen the recent reports about the potential for escalating electricity and natural gas costs. Here are two headlines from recent Boston Globe articles from last week. “Electrical prices are expected to rise up to 60% over last year.” “Projected natural gas price increase for 2023 is 15%.”

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    In the September 27th Boston Globe, there was an article about the possibility of rolling blackouts this winter because of natural gas distribution. Natural gas is used for both heating and generating electricity at power plants. When the demand is needed for both heating and electrical generation, priority is given to heating, so electrical generation is given a back seat and rolling blackouts are then possible.


    We are asking the congregation, renters and building users, to be diligent in ensuring that lights are turned off when leaving a room or space as well as when leaving the building. While many of the common area lights are equipped with motion sensors, most of the areas are not. The second-floor rooms, third floor corridor and rooms, Cloister & Ripley hallways, Ripley Chapel, Chidley Hall & Fireside and the Sanctuary are not on motion sensors.


    Facilities has recently upgraded portions of the heating system by replacing five of the eight zone steam valves in the past two years. Three had been leaking and two were extremely rusted. Two thermostats were replaced and now all eight heating zones have programmable thermostats which can be remotely adjusted through an app that is currently on my phone.


    As we did last year, we are planning to only heat the building, as needed, for committee meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights. The building can be used on other nights but be sure to wear layers during the winter months.


    Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping us move toward a greener community.


    Ed Banzy

    Building Manager