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    Door Fabrications

    The First Congregational Church in Winchester, UCC (FCCW) is undertaking a door project which aims to replace two entrance doors of the church with newly fabricated store front style doors. The information below is intended for interested contractors who are considering submitting bid proposals for one or both of the published RFPs.

    The first RFP is for the fabrication of two exterior doors that will replace existing doors to the church. This RFP deadline has been extended, see below.

    Bidding Closed The second RFP is for the demolition of existing door openings and installation of two new store front exterior doors that will replace existing doorways to the church.

    The current doorways are about 95 years old, made of wood and in very poor repair.  These doors are some of the most heavily used doors for access to the building.

    Background for the project:  The FCCW was awarded a grant under the federal FEMA Nonprofit Security Grant Program.  The grant award is for the purpose of improving our church’s security through the replacement of three doors, and the addition of security cameras and a silent alarm system.  The project must be completed no later than 12/31/2023. This RFP covers only two of the three doors.  The third door replacement is on hold at this time.

    The new doors must meet industry standards for resiliency in the event of a person(s) seeking to gain unauthorized entry – it should resist a concerted attempt to be breached for at least 10 minutes.

    Description of Existing Doors:  The church has two side doors, referred to as the Dix Street and Vine Street doors.  These lead to a central lobby area on the ground floor.  These doors were part of the chancel addition to the building, circa 1924.  Each is a single wood door with a curved top, hung in a wood frame.  Both doors are out of plumb, and the jams and frame are in very poor repair.  These two doors have an electronic latching system wired to the church’s American Alarm “Brivo” access system.


    RFP Documents

    Door Fabrications: Click on the link below and you will find three RFP documents which should provide all the information needed for your bid submission.

    Door Fabrication RFP

    Bidding Closed Door Demolition, Framing and Installation: Click on the link below and you will find three RFP documents which should provide all the information needed for your bid submission.

    Door Demo Framing & Install RFP


    Proposal submissions:  FCCW will receive emailed submissions at the address below until 5PM, Friday, December 19, 2022.   Late proposals will not be considered.


    In compliance with M.G.L. c. 30B this solicitation is being advertised on the FCCW website, https://fcc-winchester.com, COMMBUYS, https://www.commbuys.com/bso/, and the Central Register of the Massachusetts Secretary of State, https://www.sec.state.ma.us/spr/cenreg.htm.


    For additional information and submission of a proposal please contact:

    Bruce Alexander, Project Manager, FCCW Facilities Ministry 21 Church Street Winchester, MA 01890 Email: Bruce_alexander@comcast.net  Phone mobile – 617-605-6031; main office – 781-729-9180

    Cc: Ed Banzy, Building Manager, Email: fccwbuildingmanager@gmail.com  Phone: mobile – 617-416-2811

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