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  • Host Home Needed for RIM Metro North Clients

    In mid-August, a mom and family of 4 children were forced to move out of the apartment they were renting (with cluster support). Since then they have been living in a host home in Melrose (two bedrooms and shared living space in the home of a couple whose grown children have moved out).

    Prospects for finding an apartment anywhere in the Boston area are slim at best, in part due to the fact that the mom cannot get work authorization until early next year.

    Although the current hosts have generously said that the family can stay a little longer, the cluster needs to find another host home for the family. It does not have to be in Melrose. (Even if the family moves to another town, the children can continue in Melrose schools for the rest of the year.)

    If you have room in your home and would like to consider hosting this family, please contact Linda Alexander or Bruce Alexander.  The cluster recognizes that hosting a family of five for a number of months will add cost to the hosts’ utility bills and some other costs.  The cluster is prepared to provide a stipend to help with added costs.

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