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  • Introducing the Old Testament

    Coming This Fall!

    On Tuesday evenings, for 6 weeks in Sep and Oct, we will be offering the second course of the Massachusetts Bible Society’s Exploring the Bible series Introducing the Old Testament.

    This second course helps you understand the Old Testament in the context of the world in which it was written. The Old Testament is the story of the Jewish people and their distinctive God, giving us a glimpse through story, song, history, and law of the rocky, raucous, faithful, fumbling beginnings of one of the oldest religions on earth.

    You don’t need to know a thing to participate and you don’t have to have taken the first course, but if you did we hope you sign up again. Join Rev Will Burhans and Anne Hoenicke, class leaders, for lively discussion, small group exercises and faith enriching study of scripture. Class size will need to be limited to 15 people – look for the sign up in August/September.