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  • Join Us for Worship & Communion This Sunday at 10 am (Nov 6, 2022)

    Please join us on Sunday morning, November 6 for Gabriel Fauré’s gorgeous and introspective Requiem, Op. 48, often called his “Lullaby of Death.” The work will be offered by FCC’s choir with organ, violin and harp – interwoven into our 10:00 a.m. worship service.

    The Requiem is dedicated to the memory of Stephen W. Cole (1953-2022).

    Fauré’s (1845–1926) Requiem, was an evolving work, which he continued to revise from its inception in 1887 until the first published version of 1900. In his letters he refers to it as a “little Requiem” – although not a little work at all. It has been performed, studied, beloved, and cherished by musicologists, conductors, congregations, and audiences alike throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This amazing work depicts the timelessness of human existence, the procession of generations, human longings, profound sorrow, fear of the unknown, as well as light, hope, the ultimate joys of heaven, and, above all, peace. All of these separate emotions are distinctly expressed, but they also form a perfect harmonious unity.


    Download the Bulletin Here: OOW 11-06-22