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  • Join us for Worship on Palm Sunday (April 5, 2020) at 10 am.

    Join us on-line again this Sunday for our special celebration of Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week as we conclude our worship series on Jesus’ 7 Last Words from the Cross. There will be prayers, a Time for the Young, a brief sermon, Communion and a couple of hymns for us to sing together.


    Due to the increasingly strong warnings about the crisis of the coming weeks for our health care, we’ll no longer be gathering as worship leaders to offer worship from the sanctuary.  We will send out a link to our pre-recorded service at 9:45am on Sunday morning  with the hopes that the majority of us will still hold our worshipping hour sacrosanct even though it will be available at anytime during the day.


    This Sunday is not only Palm Sunday but also the first Sunday of the month so we will share Communion together.  How will that be, you ask?!  Well, bring your own bread (gluten free or gluten filled) and cup (with juice or wine) to your in-home worship space and we’ll lead our community through the sacrament.


    We look forward to being with you in the Spirit of the wounded and loving Christ as we enter into the sacred time of Holy Week.