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  • Leadership Team Update – December 2018

    Wonder what the Leadership Team (LT) is up to? Here’s a quick summary! After you read it, please feel free to share your ideas, concerns, or questions with any of the LT members listed below. And of course, all are welcome to attend LT meetings – the dates are listed in the church calendar.

    As a reminder, the LT provides strategic oversight on behalf of our church community and is guided in it actions by FCCW’s purpose statement: we are a Christ-centered, nurturing community, growing in faith, serving in love and welcoming all with joy.

    Now in its fourth year, the LT is building on critical foundational work that has recently been accomplished. Those efforts include the establishment of a new church organizational structure  with accompanying by-laws, a “bottoms up” budgeting process, lay leadership term limits to encourage broad participation, an online review process for Lead Pastor Will, and the adoption of a new “Safe Church” policy.

    Currently, the LT is focused on these efforts:

    • Lead the 2019 budget planning process
    • Identify individuals who might be interested in pursuing grant opportunities
    • Explore the possibility of establishing a Planned Giving Task Force
    • Support the work of a newly implemented Steeple Task Force
    • Implement an “operations manual” to serve as a guide for ministries
    • Support the continuing process to transform Ripley Chapel
    • Hear from church ministries monthly to determine how LT can be helpful to them
    • Empower lay leaders by delegating day-to-day church operations to responsible parties
    • Provide support to new staff who are attending to our beautiful facility
    • Work to further articulate FCCW’s (and therefore the LT’s)  core values
    • Continue to set overall direction and make long term decisions on behalf of the church

    Would you like to get involved in any of these projects or priorities? We welcome your participation!

    —The Leadership Team: Judy Arnold, Will Burhans, Jane Ring Frank, Sarah Gallop, Deirdre Giblin, Bruce Lauterwasser, Margaret McIndoe, David Peretti, Ben Pulaski, Penny Sparrow, Taylor Tresselt, Cindy Wankowicz, Jennifer Wilson, Peter Woolford, Kathleen Zagata