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  • Learn About the Old Testament at the Library

    Hopefully you have been noticing the different displays of church library books in the lobby, changing as the season or current church focus changes. This month’s display features books on politics and religion—a timely topic. Come and investigate!

    The library is also offering an exciting new set of DVDs from The Teaching Company, The Great Courses, on “The Old Testament,” taught by Vanderbilt professor Amy-Jill Levine. These twenty-four lectures, of thirty minutes each, offer an introduction to the history, literature, and religion of ancient Israel and early Judaism. Attention is given not only to the content of the biblical books but also to the debates over their meaning and the critical methods through which they have been interpreted. This four-disc set can be borrowed from the church library, and is in a clear plastic bag on the shelf of DVDs behind the desk. Please sign the borrower card and return it within a month or two, so others have a chance to watch it. Check in with Sarah in the church office for the key to the library. It is hoped that all these library offerings will help us to grow in faith, as well as knowledge and understanding.