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  • LET THE LIGHT SHINE IN (aka Ripley Chapel Report #4)

    A big day in Ripley Chapel yesterday (Wednesday)!  The west wall was opened up and made ready for the new window to be installed.  The deed was done after great care and attention to detail was taken.  It was quite the experience for me to stand in the middle of the nave as the jack hammer was tearing through those terra cotta blocks while the bracing for the wall held it all together.  Bit by bit the daylight began to stream in and trees and the pond began to emerge.  The universal reaction seems to be “WOW!”

    Work will continue into September. We expect the project will be completed near the end of the month. You will see a lot of activity now that this milestone has been reached. Unfortunately the fact that the project will extend into the early fall means there will be challenges for parking at church. The dumpster will continue to take up some spaces near the shed on the Vine Street parking lot. During weekdays much of the end of that parking lot will be used for sub contractor trucks. We will open that end up for weekend services. The handicap ramp will be accessible as well as the elevator. Near the end of the project the new Ripley Entrance door will be installed and that will block this access for a few days. The Reno Garden will remain accessible except for one of the last days when the scaffolding behind the chapel is removed from the site.

    This extension of the project schedule also means that the Forum Room and the stove end of the kitchen will not be available during September.

    Church staff and the Ripley Chapel Working Group will remain attentive to these inconveniences and will assist any and all that are effected by them.

    Questions can be directed to Bruce Alexander,

    For the Ripley Chapel Working Group: Rev. Will Burhans, Rev. Judy Arnold, Jane Ring Frank, Laurie Roby, Carolyn Plosky, and Bruce Alexander