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  • Mother’s Day Card Fundraiser

    This Mother’s Day, honor your mother or those special women in your life through the act of giving back. We all try to teach our children that it is better to give than to receive – by giving a donation on your mother’s behalf, you will prove to her she has taught you well!


    For a $25 donation, A Bed for Every Child will send your mother a special card informing her that you have donated on her behalf to ensure children in our communities have a bed of their own, now through these trying times, and for all of the nights ahead. On your donation card, you can include a personalized message, as more than ever, your mom should know how much you love her! We can guarantee she will be proud of your act of kindness and that you both have made a difference in the life a child and another mother in need.


    Visit this link to send your card: https://www.abedforeverychild.org/mothersdaycards