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  • New Middle School Class

    The Faith Formation Ministry of Children and Youth (CYFORM) is excited to fill you all in on what is happening with our Middle School Sunday School Class. For those unaware, our 6th-8th grade students meet every Sunday on the third floor. They, too, like the high school students, started the Black Letters of Jesus Curriculum, which focuses on the actions of Jesus. We’ve reached a point in that class where, we have a consistent number of youth and are still growing each week. CYFORM has found 5 wonderful adults that have agreed to make these students their priority and lead them deeper on their journeys each Sunday. Middle School is that time where parents still have a little sway on getting their kids to come Sunday mornings and it is a time where they are beginning to ask big questions about their faith. We believe that this is the time for them to grow as a group together and create friendships that will last the rest of their lives.
    The doors open to the class at 10 am with some sort of morning snack and the lesson begins at 10:15 to allow those who want to start in the sanctuary still the opportunity. In the next few weeks we will be looking at doing a grand relaunching of the class by doing a bonding activity outside of class. To take a look at an overview of the next 4 lessons check out the following link.  Jesus and the Ordinary
    A huge thanks to Susan Rozmanith, Petra Sansom, Andrew Sansom, Andy Gallop, and Taylor Tresselt for their happiness to be such a huge part in the youth’s lives.