• Procedure to transfer Securities to First Congregational Church in Winchester

    If you have appreciated securities (stocks), you can transfer them directly to the church in lieu of your pledge or as part of your pledge. We will sell them and credit the proceeds to you. There are no charges or commissions. You will receive the same donation report at the end of the year. You will not owe any taxes on the gain.

    If you are 70 ½ or older, you can transfer securities directly from your IRA with no tax consequences. Please contact Janet Hall if you have any questions about that or if you would like some assistance.

    If you would like to remember the Church in your will and would like assistance, please contact me.

    Please advise your investment advisor or broker that the Church uses National Financial Services (Fidelity Investments) as its transfer agent. The Church account number is Z40302339 FBO FCC Winchester and the DTC number is 0226.

    Please contact the Treasurer, Janet Hall or 781-858-3992 and let her know to expect the transfer so the stock can be sold and the proceeds sent to the Church.

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