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  • Purpose Forum to Debate 21st Century Fellowship Events

    February Date TBD

    Pop quiz! Circle all that apply:
    I wish we still had the …
    1. Bean Supper
    2.  All Church Birthday Party
    3. Progressive Dinner
    4. Stone Soup Lunch
    5. All of the Above

    Do you miss one of the above events? All of them? Was it one of these events that drew you in to the FCCW community, where you got to know some folks? Why have they all evaporated from our calendar?

    These are questions that came up at the January Purpose Forum dinner meeting, attended by nearly thirty people. There was a strong consensus that we would like to figure out how to bring some of these events back, without overtaxing the volunteers who bring them to life.

    We agreed that one problem is that no one ministry “owns” these events. We also agreed that no one ministry wants to own them all. That’s a recipe for burn out. So what to do? We agreed to call a Purpose Forum meeting in February to figure it out.

    If you are concerned that we need to revive our fellowship tradition, please attend Purpose Forum in February (date tbd). Let’s create a new a way to come together for fun and fellowship that won’t overtax the good people who volunteer. First up: revamping and reviving the Progressive Dinner. But fear not: no one will ask you to volunteer that night. We need your opinions and suggestions first. Be on the lookout for date and time. In the meantime, please give some thought to this creative challenge.

    —Purpose Forum Facilitators: Linda Alexander, Nick Wankowicz, Carol Weir