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  • Ripley Chapel Jan 20 Update

    Week of January 20 – The contract with Seaver Construction has being executed.  The next steps are to collaborate with Andrew “Drew” Robinson, our Seaver project manager, regarding the schedule, placing orders for all major components and supplies and finalizing decisions on flooring.  We are talking with Seaver, church staff and the church’s tenants about impacts related to the construction and how to mitigate inconveniences.  Construction should be limited to Monday-Friday, 7-5, and almost all will be confined to the chapel itself.  There will be a dumpster located near the Ripley Chapel Entrance.

    We are also finalizing a contract with Shanahan Sound & Electronics of Lowell for the A/V gear and installation.  Shanahan is the same company we used for the sanctuary A/V system.  Once signed, they will coordinate with Seaver on the wiring installation.

    Finally we have received the donation of $40,000 that was pledged by a donor pending the final vote of the congregation.  We are so grateful for the generosity and patience of this person.  We now have 100% of the funds in hand that we need to complete the renovations.