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  • Ripley Chapel Renovations Report #1

    This is the first of regular reports on what is happening with Ripley Chapel And boy, are things happening!

    The renovations began in earnest on Monday, July 8. Here are some of the steps that have or are taking place:

    1. The stove and sink end of the kitchen and the Forum room have been isolated since the renovations will impact these spaces as plumbing and electrical work is done.
    2. Staging has been erected outside the west wall (the one facing Wedge Pond). This will remain in place until the end of the project. This equipment was brought to the site via the Reno Garden, an unavoidable process. All parties are being very mindful of the treasure that the Garden is and will take all steps to protect it. Reno Garden will remain open and accessible throughout the project.
    3. Demolition of areas of the chancel began last week. Most of that is complete and work on the demolition of the opening for the new window has begun This the most challenging part of the whole project. Current work is underway for shoring up the wall and supporting the stained glass Mother’s window that will remain above the new window. Once that is done the rest of the wall opening will be removed and a steel lintel installed to carry the load of the window and wall above the opening.
    4. Abatement of asbestos containing material in the west wall has been substantially completed and air tests have been made – there is no current threat of air borne asbestos. A small amount of additional abatement will be done as the wall shoring up is performed.
    5. Electrical work is underway as is work on the steam radiators impacted by the renovations.
    6. The first of weekly “owner” meetings was held this past Monday. Each week Bruce Alexander and Ed Banzy will meet with Seaver Construction and David Torrey, our architect, to review progress, consider issues and decisions, and to plan for work expectations for the coming week. The current schedule calls for the project to be completed by the end of August.

    During the active construction period the chapel will be padlocked when workers are not present.

    Questions about the project can be directed to Bruce Alexander at anytime during this summer.

    Ripley Chapel Working Group