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  • Ripley Chapel Renovations Report #3

    We are on the cusp of really big changes! Over the next 5-7 working days the critical work on the new window will be taken. This involves the insertion of structural steel elements, addition of the cast stone surround and the breaking through the wall. Seaver Construction, David Torrey and our structural engineer, Alan Ankers, have taken great care to determine the exact methodology to use during this vital phase. As you can see from this photo below, all is now ready:

    A great deal of other work is moving forward from plumbing to flooring prep and wall prep for painting. The team continues to meet each Monday morning to review progress, plans and any issues. This past Monday morning was so nice we met here:

    The one down note is that we will not complete the project by the end of August as planned. There have been a few delays outside our control that are causing this. One is the “hydrant test” which is conducted by the Winchester Fire Department which checks pressure in the water mains which provides data to our fire sprinkler sub who then completes the final design of the new sprinklers and the piping required. That test is now scheduled for August 20. My best guess, pending seeing a revision of the full schedule from Seaver, is a finish in the latter part of September.

    Bruce Alexander for the Ripley Chapel Working Group

    Bruce Alexander

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