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  • Ripley Chapel Report #8

    October 31, 2019


    Ripley Chapel is quickly becoming the place to experience new things.  It has been amazing to watch over the past two weeks as we begin to engage our faith and each other in the new Ripley Chapel.  And new things are still appearing in the chapel as the final touches are added.


    Here are the latest developments:


    Marble Medallion.  This will be laid in the center of the floor on next Monday and Tuesday, November 4 and 5.  (Divine Yoga will likely be held in a different room on the 5th.)

    Chapel Door.  The new door to the chapel was delivered this past Monday.  It will be stained and installed by Friday, November 1.

    A/V System.  The new system, similar to what we have in the sanctuary but with permanent video screens, will be completed also on November 1.

    Cast stone repair.  The repair on the exterior of the Mothers’ Window will be postponed until the spring after careful consideration of the costs and the analysis by the mason.  The outer plastic coverings have been removed and the window has been determined to be weather tight sufficient to endure the winter.  The scaffolding will be removed in the next few weeks.  The removal of the coverings now allows more light to penetrate that wonderful glass.  Stop in during a sunny afternoon to get the full impact of this marvelous window.

    Ripley Entrance Door.  Our long awaited ADA compliant door to our building will be installed by early December.  Seaver Construction has awarded to job to a different fabricator when the original company was unable to meet our requirements and timeline.