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  • Ripley Chapel Update Feb 28

    Things seem very quiet in Ripely these days.  But that does not mean work is not progressing. Seaver continues to work through the permitting process as well as getting sub-contractors and vendors to commit to deliver on their components. The Working Group has contracted with Shanahan Sound of Lowell. That enables Shanahan and Seaver to coordinate plans for the electrical and other wiring work that will be needed. Seaver is working closely with a fabricator who will build the custom made (and accessible door) for the Chapel entrance itself. This will be the last item installed so that there won’t be any risk of damage to it during the renovation.

    At present we expect the project to take place during April, May and June for an eight week span of time. The exact date it starts will be dependent on permits and the schedule of delivery of all parts and supplies. We expect to know that date in March.