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    Small groups are part of the long term vision of our church.  Chapter two of this adventure is called “Roots and Branches” … several conversation and discussion groups at FCCW that will aim to deepen the faith of the members and invite them to serve others.

    Each group will consist of eight to twelve people, seeking to become a caring community through discussion and action.

    Our first topic is “Welcoming the Stranger”.   This rich, Christian idea, so present in Jesus’ life, has shown up time after time in the life of the Church, across generations and cultures.  It will be a privilege to explore its reality within (and outside of) our walls!

    We plan to start in late October and run through early February.  The groups will meet twice a month and we encourage people to attend their group’s meetings whenever they can.

    We hope that the outcome will be greater friendship, a closeness that weaves us together outside of Sunday morning … and a greater joy in our faith.

    Are you interested?  The groups will meet for an hour and a half in the home of a member of the group, or on zoom.

    If you are interested in being a group facilitator (discussion materials will be provided) or offering your home for meetings, please reach out to one of us quickly.

    And stay tuned!!

    Penny Sparrow, Cindy Wankowicz, Jonathan Goodell