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  • Special Easter Offering

    “Take my part of Easter’s light, dear God, and share it with those in shadow. Let me wait for your promise until they can claim it with me.” – Steven Charleston


    Dear Members and Friends of First Congregational Church,


    As Easter approaches, we think about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of new life, fresh starts, forgiveness, and living in the light.  Your Outreach team has selected a verse from Colossians 3:12 to guide our Easter offering selection:  Therefore, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience..


    Our conversation around the Easter offering focused on children who come into the world with so much potential. For some of these and through no fault of their own, the adults and system have let them down. These are the young people in foster care about which we heard Karen Manna speak on a Sunday morning service early in Lent. While not everyone can foster, everyone can help by donating to our Easter offering.


    This year’s Easter offering is dedicated to Youth Villages, specifically their LifeSet program. LifeSet is the bridge to successful adulthood for many young people maturing out of foster care. Every year, approximately 20,000 young people turn 18 in foster care; they need comprehensive support as they transition from state services to independence. With few resources, they must work to overcome the impact of childhood adversity as they navigate the adult world. Historically, former foster youth face high rates of incarceration, homelessness and unemployment. LifeSet is changing that. With around a 90% success rate, young adults that have completed LifeSet are living independently, obtaining education/vocational goals and experience no further involvement with the law. This program is making a difference. Youth Villages’ goal is to continue to grow the program so more young adults who need it have access to it.


    Please join us in our Easter Offering to provide support and love to these young adults as they establish the foundation as young and independent adults.



    Sending you the peace of God and joy and hope of the Risen Christ:


    Laure Bailey, Julia Daggett, Sarah Girotti, Betsy Goodell, Virginia Seay, and Rev. Maeve Hammond