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  • Steeple Project Update July 23, 2020

    Last week, the FCCW Steeple Task Force met to discuss progress son the painting, light fixtures, lightening rod assessment and work schedules. Meeting with us were employees of the painting, and electrical services contractors. After ascending the scaffolding to the level of the clock faces we reviewed the shingle options, the copper coated leas shielding over the clocks and the condition of the clock faces. We also agreed on the locations of the new lighting fixtures.

    If you’ve passed the church recently, you’ll have noticed that the scaffolding is about halfway to the top of our spire. Now that the scaffolding has reached the clock level, we expect to begin work on the Town owned clocks. Decisions on the shingles will proceed quickly. Subject to weather or building material delivery delays, the project is on schedule with completion expected this fall.

    The photo below was taken on July 22 and shows representatives of the Task Force and contractor.