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  • Summer Preachers Sought

    Summer worship is almost here. This means that members and friends of the congregation will be preaching. While services are less formal, the intent is still to praise God in word and music; in prayer and preaching. Most likely this summer, sermons will be in various media – Zoom, prerecorded, and who knows maybe in some form of in person. One plus is for those of you who have much to say but are terrified of standing up in front of a lot of people. It is our hope that preachers will draw from their own lives as well as from scripture. The Ministry Team stands ready to be helpful; creating prayers and providing music; troubleshooting technological glitches; picking hymns. AND, the Ministry Team is also happy for the Preacher to create parts of the service that reflect your theme. Currently our calendar is wide open. If this is the summer you finally ‘do it’, please email or call Pastor Judy and we’ll find a date that works for you.  or 781-820-2410.