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  • Summer Worship Begins This Sunday (June 24) at 10 AM

    Same time, same place, but the service will be a little less formal – we use a video screen instead of a paper bulletin.  Members of the congregation do most of the preaching.  It is a way to see another side of someone you’ve sat beside all winter in worship.   Lay people also contribute to the music.  Todd Gordon of the Second Congregational Church plays the piano and is happy to support and/or work with you if you have a musical offering you’d like to share.

    Our program year organist, Jeffrey Mead, will be playing this Sunday, June 24th.  Worship will work with three texts about faith, calamity and fear:  God’s response to Job; David’s encounter with Goliath; and Jesus’ stilling the storm to calm the disciples.  If you are connected to a digital device at all, you know all the ‘breaking news’.  It is difficult to discern a genuine crisis from just noise.  We hope you will join us this Sunday and participate in the question.