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  • There’s still time to SIGN UP for “Roots and Branches”!

    A few spaces remain…..

    Roots and Branches is our new small group initiative. These groups will provide opportunities for deepening faith and friendships and thinking about our world in new ways.

    Many people have already signed up for these groups. We encourage people to join us who don’t usually come to this kind of thing!! For example, do you have young children and feel that you can’t come out in the evening? If it works for your family, perhaps both parents could sign up for a group and then you take turns coming to the meeting? Or do you do a lot of traveling and feel you can’t commit regularly? Don’t worry – sign up and come when you can. Or choose a meeting time that has a better chance of success.  

    Please  sign-up now  to participate in this faith based opportunity.  There are options on 4 different evenings – Sunday, Monday (which is full, but we could create an additional group on Monday if there is sufficient interest), Tuesday and Wednesday – and a Thursday morning (which is now full).

    The topic of our first series of sessions is “Welcoming the Stranger”. We will be using the book of Ruth to ground our discussions.

    We are looking to start in late November and run into the new year, probably with a few weeks hiatus in December, depending on what works for the members of your group.  Generally, groups will meet every two weeks. Most groups will meet in a home, since we are aiming to be informal, welcoming and homey, though there will be one group on zoom, for anyone who prefers this option. We encourage your participation as a regular attendee, or whenever you can make it.  Attendance will not be taken! The desire is for each group to develop into a caring community through discussion and action.

    Once you have signed up for a group, your leaders will contact you with details of the location of your group and when exactly the meetings will begin.

    We hope that the outcome of these groups will be greater friendships, a closeness that weaves us together outside of Sunday morning … and a greater joy in our faith.  Please contact any of the following people if you have any questions.

    Penny Sparrow pjsparrow2@gmail.com

    Cindy Wankowicz cindywankowicz@gmail.com

    Jonathan Goodell jcg.3bell@gmail.com