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  • This Sunday in Worship (September 27. 2020)

    Last Sunday we acknowledged our Jewish siblings’ celebration of Rosh Hashanah as we gathered together for our Christian worship. This Sunday as we gather, our Jewish siblings will be in the midst of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It is from them that we receive our Christian practice of confession and so our service will highlight this as an essential spiritual discipline for our own growth in relationship with God and one another. A special feature of the service will be a beautiful dance to a stirring Hebrew folk song offered by Johanna Keppler, Jane Ring Frank’s goddaughter, which will follow Rev. Will’s sermon. The Ministry Team is in the midst of putting the service together and will drop the link on Sunday morning to encourage our sense of worshipping together. But ssshhhhhhh… and we’ll tell you a secret: usually the service is available by Saturday late afternoon or evening. If you’d rather worship then feel free to go to our YouTube channel – “FCCW Channel” – and you’ll likely find the service well before Sunday at 10 am.  

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