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  • Transgender Awareness and Understanding

    Sunday Sep 23rd 11th Hour discussion after Worship (11:30 to 1:30)

    The Adult Faith Exploration Ministry invites you to attend an 11th hour session on Sunday September 23rd in the Palmer Room to learn about what it means to be transgender. Find out what the letters in LGBTQIA stand for. Learn about gender identities and the myriad terms that are evolving to capture the transgender experience. Explore why the Christian teaching of unconditional love and welcoming all with joy is so important for the transgender community. A light lunch will be served.

    Anne Hoenicke is the proud parent of a non-binary, gender nonconforming 24-year-old whose pronouns are they/them/their. She will be presenting information that she has learned – from both of her 20-something children, from books, from presentations and from organizations such as SpeakOUT and PFLAG. Reverends Will and Judy will also make some remarks. Please come and bring your learning heart with you!


    Monday, October 29th 7pm, SpeakOUT Boston

    Please join us for an additional awareness session on Monday October 29th in the Palmer and Tucker rooms for a panel of speakers from SpeakOUT Boston, the nation’s oldest LGBTQIA speakers bureau, as each panel member tells their personal story.

    Ask us anything! We encourage questions from our audiences. Our speakers are trained to solicit questions and respond to comments in an atmosphere of respect and forthrightness. We listen for underlying myths and we help audiences feel at ease raising difficult issues.